Join our mission to give the people power to unlock life’s next chapter.Our homes are the heartbeat of our lives, and we believe that finding a home shouldn’t be so hard in today’s always-on world. That’s why we’re reimagining the traditional rules of real estate to make it easier than ever to move from one home to the next.Our journey began nearly 15 years ago with a handful of employees and one big idea: to make it radically easier for people to move. We began by helping people understand and track their homes with the Zestimate, our proprietary algorithm, and then with advanced technology and valuable connections with real estate professionals. Today, Zillow has become a household name. People are more likely to search for “Zillow” than “real estate,” and our name is often used as a verb. While other industries have ushered in a new era of convenience, the time for seamless and convenient real estate experience is now. This is our next chapter as a company. We’re looking for smart,...
Zillow contact details
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real estate
1301 Second Avenue,Seattle,Washington,US

Zillow Management & Employee Directory

Aaron Richey
Aaron Richey
Enterprise Sales & Account Management @ Zillow
Anna Vakulchyk
Anna Vakulchyk
Principal Software Development Engineer at Zillow Group
Annie Bulkley
Annie Bulkley
Executive Sourcing Recruiter | Marketing | Sales & Ops | Technology
Caleb Macpherson
Caleb Macpherson
Sales Manager with a Passion for Sales Process
Christian Bunyan
Christian Bunyan
Business Advisor, Premier Agent at Zillow
Jeff Cutler
Jeff Cutler
Director, Mortgage Origination at Zillow Home Loans, LLC
Juliette Austin
Juliette Austin
Head of Equity & Belonging @ Zillow Group
Katie Welch
Katie Welch
Senior Account Executive, Rentals - Team Lead at Zillow
Kinsy Koeplinger
Kinsy Koeplinger
Human Resources Manager at Zillow Group
Leah Monteleone
Leah Monteleone
Executive and Employee Communications Manager at Zillow
Makeda Hope-crichlow
Makeda Hope-crichlow
Program Leader | Diversity & Inclusion Consultant | Advocate
Jackie Mohr
Jackie Mohr
VP, Assistant General Counsel at Zillow | PropTech | FinTech
Mukul Shukla
Mukul Shukla
There are 10 types of people - the ones who understand binary and the others who don't.
Nate Moch
Nate Moch
Vice President Customer Engineering & Services at Zillow
Rico Farmer
Rico Farmer
Senior Director Of Marketing at Zillow
Traci Dvorscak
Traci Dvorscak
Zillow Rentals I Business Development I Licensed in Real Estate I Inspiring Others to Reach Their Goals

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