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MSP Group is Minneapolis-Saint Paul's strongest team for marketing your properties and helping you find your dream home! We understand that buying or selling a home is more than just a transaction: it's a life-changing experience. That's why our team of highly-seasoned real estate professionals is dedicated to providing exceptional, personalized service for all of our clients. We take great pride in the relationships we build and always work relentlessly on the clients behalf to help them achieve their real estate goals. Our team of experts represents the best and brightest in the industry, and were always striving to lead the field in research, innovation, and consumer education. Todays buyers and sellers need a trusted resource that can guide them through the complex world of real estate. With our extensive knowledge and commitment to providing only the best and most timely information to our clients, we are your go-to source for real estate industry insight and advice.
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Real Estate
333 Washington Ave N #300, Minneapolis, MN 55401, US

MSP Group Management & Employee Directory

Alexandre Almajeanu
Alexandre Almajeanu
Internet Entrepreneur, ex-CEO in Cosmetics Retail (Parashop), Investor in > 20 companies, Lecturer @ Sc Po Paris
Michael Kaminski
Michael Kaminski Managing Director at MSP Packaging Innovations
Tim Conkle
Tim Conkle
CEO & Founder | Innovator | Speaker
Ashley Watkins
Ashley Watkins
Account Executive at MSP Design Group
Paul Daigle
Paul Daigle
Transformational Executive | Consulting Executive | Executive Coach | Board of Directors | Digital Transformation | Turnaround | Relaunch | Mergers Acquisitions ▶️ IoT | MSP | SaaS | UCaaS | ML | AI |
Sherif Elhelwa
Sherif Elhelwa
Director of Renewable Energies at Europe Middle East Africa Chamber of Commerce
Alexandre Almajeanu
Alexandre Almajeanu
Internet Entrepreneur, Business Angel in > 20 companies, Lecturer @ Sc Po Paris
Karen Morris
Karen Morris
Milliner, Hat Designer & Owner of Karen Morris Millinery
Suzan Lowe
Suzan Lowe
MSP Design Group: Promotional Products and Branded Merchandise

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