At Tile, we’re building a world where everything that matters can be found. Our services empower the Tile community to help each other find millions of lost belongings every day. Now, we’re exploring new ways to ensure peace of mind. The Tile subscription provides reassurance for the long-haul. And we’re expanding our reach through major partnerships, bringing Tile technology to everything from headphones to travel gear. There are countless ways to use a Tile. We face a striking range of opportunities. But we abide by a simple creed: Together, we find.Our small but mighty team pioneered the idea of the finder, and our leaders draw on their deep experience defining and growing new markets. We’re united by a commitment to shaping Tile’s culture around the needs of our colleagues and customers, and by our desire to build a diverse and welcoming workplace for future Tilers of all stripes. We designed our values together, and now they inform everything we do—from hiring and performance revi...
Tile contact details
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Consumer Services
1900 S. Norfolk Street,San Mateo,CA,United States

Tile Management & Employee Directory

Amir Pakzadian
Amir Pakzadian
Sr. Manager, Product Management (Mobile) at Tile (Previously at Amazon, Medium, and Bia2)
Liz Hurst
Liz Hurst
Product Marketing I Brand I Social Impact
Lauren Johnston
Lauren Johnston
Executive Assistant to the CEO, CFO, CBO, General Counsel, and VP of People + Workspace – We’re hiring!
Mark Kwak
Mark Kwak
Business Development & Strategic Partnerships
Sal Amarasinghe
Sal Amarasinghe
Hardware Product Manager - MIT/Waterloo Engineer, Designer & Ex-entrepreneur
eCommerce | Digital Product Management | Digital Customer Experience | Director | Program Manager | Senior Project Manager | Functional Architect | Senior Business Analyst | Salesforce Commerce Cloud
Hubert Jerome
Hubert Jerome
Business Leader - Mobile/IoT/Telecom/High-tech/Smartcities/Medical Devices
Jonathan Quilo
Jonathan Quilo
Technical Program Manager at Tile (we're hiring!)
Mike Farley
Mike Farley
Co-founder (Tile), Board Member and Advisor
Angela Stricker
Angela Stricker
Director, Business Operations + Strategy at GoPro
Jaena Michaels Novak
Jaena Michaels Novak
Product Marketing | Partner Marketing | Go-to-Market Strategy
Jossie Haines
Jossie Haines
Inclusive Engineering Leadership & Executive Coach | ex-VP of Software Engineering | Startup Advisor | Public Speaker | On a Mission to Keep Women in Tech

Tile Competitors

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