At Fitbit, we created an entire industry around wearable technology with software and services to help people transform their lives for the better, from the smallest milestones to the biggest changes. 10k steps started out as a magic number and became an anthem for setting goals—but today, we take the Fitbit community well beyond it. Our global teams are on the cutting edge of trackers, smartwatches and software that make your health and fitness journey worth celebrating. This is a place where innovation is in our DNA, and motivation is the foundation of all we do. Because we know that it’s all connected when it comes to your health—it’s the sleep you need, the nutritious food you eat, the mindful moments in between and so much more. Join us as we make the world a healthier place.
Fitbit contact details
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health, wellness & fitness
199 Fremont St,San Francisco,California,US

Fitbit Management & Employee Directory

yasi baiani
yasi baiani
VP of Product at Cleo, Investor, Harvard MBA, 3x LinkedIn Top Voices. Writer of "Everything Product Newsletter"
peter boehm
peter boehm
CEO at Health Elevate; a division of PhytoTech Holdings, Inc.
tim rosa
tim rosa
Chief Marketing Officer. Babylon Health, Fitbit, Electronic Arts, 2K Sports, DivX // BOD Advisor
eric w
eric w
Managing Consultant @ The Talent Shark | Advisor @ Workbond
Lead Technical Recruiter at Fitbit

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