By bringing people together over coffee, Starbucks has become one of the world’s best-known and best-loved companies. We purchase, roast and serve award-winning coffee. We also offer Italian-style espresso beverages, cold blended beverages, delicious food, premium teas and selected compact discs through our retail stores. Working at Starbucks is a lot like working with your friends. When you work here, you’re not an “employee” – we call ourselves “partners” because we believe in shared common goals and mutual success. We’re dedicated to serving ethically sourced coffee, caring for the environment and giving back to the communities where we do business. Working at Starbucks means access to world-class benefits, employee assistance and perks. Eligible employees can receive 401(k) matching in the US (RRSP in Canada), discounted stock purchase options, adoption assistance and health coverage for you and your dependents, including domestic partners. For US employees our Starbucks College A...
Starbucks contact details
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Seattle, WA, US

Starbucks Management & Employee Directory

Nicole Harpster
Nicole Harpster
Program Manager, Customer & Retail Technology at Starbucks
Grishma Kotwal
Grishma Kotwal
Senior Advisor Product Safety and Quality
Aaron Burdick
Aaron Burdick
Passionate Leader in the People & Coffee Industry
Veronica Moyer
Veronica Moyer
Sourcing Specialist Sr. Food Supply Chain Sourcing
Alexandra Brauff
Alexandra Brauff
Corporate Real Estate Manager at Starbucks
Vanessa Spring
Vanessa Spring
Sr. Manager, Demand and Capacity Planning at Starbucks
Uriel Katz
Uriel Katz
Business Analysis Manager at Starbucks
Prarthana Patel
Prarthana Patel
Software Development Engineer in Test, Starbucks Technology Center.
Jasen Rees
Jasen Rees
District Manager with over 20 years of Retail / Food & Beverage Experience
Sy Corso
Sy Corso
Student at Massachusetts College of Art and Design
Steve Powers
Steve Powers
Senior Manager, Security Risk Management at Kroll
Tyler Ralston
Tyler Ralston
Major Incident Manager - Systems Analyst II at Starbucks
Kelly Minnaar
Kelly Minnaar
finance director, financial planning transformation at Starbucks
Andy Veas
Andy Veas
District Manager - Licensed Stores at Starbucks

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