Improbable is dedicated to building powerful technology designed to help solve previously impossible problems and enable the creation of new realities. In gaming and entertainment, Improbable unlocks truly next-generation gameplay through virtual worlds of unprecedented scale, persistence and richness. In other industries, we hope to help answer critical questions through simulations that could lead to a better functioning world.Our platform, SpatialOS, lets developers transcend the limits of regular computation, allowing swarms of servers running in the cloud to cooperate in order to simulate worlds far larger and more complex than any single server could.We are a British technology company proudly building a diverse workforce, driven by a shared desire to improve and achieve extraordinary things. We’re crafting technology for the future and fostering a problem-solving culture that embraces innovation through iteration and experimentation.
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computer software
10 Bishops Square,London,England,GB

Improbable Management & Employee Directory

Todd Levine
Todd Levine
Head of Business Strategy - US at Improbable
Kathryn Harris
Kathryn Harris
Tech Exec | Former Pentagon Advisor | Georgetown Professor | UVA Trustee
Caroline Meek
Caroline Meek
Building Teams at Improbable to Support Defense and National Security Missions
Shane Karp
Shane Karp
Marketing Director at Improbable U.S. Defense & National Security
Michael Lee
Michael Lee
Vice President of Technology at Improbable
Caitlin Dohrman
Caitlin Dohrman
Bringing Improbable's synthetic environment technology to the US Government
Jason Jhonson
Jason Jhonson
Chief Commercial Officer at Improbable
Chris Smith
Chris Smith
Manager, Player Support Operations at Activision Publishing
Jennifer Mcardle
Jennifer Mcardle
Head of Research at Improbable | Adjunct Senior Fellow at the Center for a New American Security
Liane Rainbow
Liane Rainbow
Head of Operations (People & Talent) at Improbable
Tim Gow
Tim Gow
Senior copywriter at McCann Birmingham
Lee Brown
Lee Brown
CGI Technical Director at Aardman Animations

Improbable Competitors

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Consumer Services
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food & beverages
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Computer Software

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