GoCardless is on a mission to take the pain out of getting paid for businesses with recurring revenue. We’ve created a global bank debit network, to rival credit and debit cards. On top of it, we’ve built a platform designed and optimised for taking invoice, subscription, membership and instalment payments. We now process $13bn in transactions a year and we’re proud to count 50,000 businesses around the world as our customers, from small businesses to household names like TripAdvisor and the Guardian. Our recurring payments platform integrates with the applications businesses use every day, giving businesses more visibility over payments and saving them huge amounts of time on tasks like payment reconciliation. We partner with more than 150 billing and subscription software partners globally, including Xero, Sage, QuickBooks, Zuora and Salesforce. GoCardless has offices in London, Paris, Munich, Melbourne and San Francisco. We’re backed by some of the world’s leading investors incl...
GoCardless contact details
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information technology & services
London, GB

GoCardless Management & Employee Directory

Jake Tyson
Jake Tyson
Customer Success Manager - Mid Market at GoCardless
Nick Barna
Nick Barna
Strategic Account Director, Open Banking at GoCardless
Jennifer Cloutier
Jennifer Cloutier
Building SaaS Payment Partnerships across North America
Youssef Sneifer
Youssef Sneifer
VP Regulatory and Compliance at GoCardless
Andrew Gilboy
Andrew Gilboy
Experienced Global Saas Software Executive
Kelsey Kalish
Kelsey Kalish
Improving how businesses collect payments @ GoCardless
Christopher Hooper
Christopher Hooper
Powering strategic growth through ABM, digital and content marketing
Michael Krantz
Michael Krantz
Global Enterprise Partnerships at GoCardless
Gabriela Monroy da Rosa
Gabriela Monroy Da Rosa
Looking For Opportunity as an Account Executive at a SaaS Enterprise
Nima Mehdian
Nima Mehdian
Director of Strategy & Business Operations at GoCardless | Angel Investor
Pranav Sood
Pranav Sood
GM, EMEA and interim Global Head of Marketing @ Airwallex
Alex Mason
Alex Mason
Director of Marketing Operations at Egencia, an Expedia Inc. Company
Jody Clark
Jody Clark
Global VP of Sales Development at GoCardless
Jennifer Trevor Hochman
Jennifer Trevor Hochman
Global Talent Acquisition Manager at Mastercard

GoCardless Competitors

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