Reality House, Inc.

Established in 1967, Reality House, Inc. provided culturally-appropriate substance abuse and HIV treatment and prevention services to New Yorkers living primarily in Harlem, Washington Heights, and the South Bronx. In 2006, we suspended our services and temporarily relocated our offices to 3280 Broadway to undergo an agency redesign and redevelopment campaign. Reality House, Inc. has transformed our agency to include effective treatment services for veterans, their families, and communities along the lines of cultural competence and social justice. In the year 2012, Reality House, Inc. established residency at 8-13 Astoria Blvd, Astoria Queens, New York. Our new facilities consist of a 30 bed residence and a medically supervised outpatient chemical dependency treatment program.
Reality House, Inc. contact details
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Health, Wellness & Fitness
8-13 Astoria Blvd,Astoria,New,US

Reality House, Inc. Management & Employee Directory

Anthony Ramirez
Anthony Ramirez
Certified Recovery Peer Advocate, Certified Addiction Recovery Coach, Recovery Coach TOT, New York Certified Peer Specialist
Dawn Reaves
Dawn Reaves
Finance & Administration Manager at David Stark Design and Production
Dawn Reaves
Dawn Reaves
Finance & Administration Manager at David Stark Design and Production
Julia Taft
Julia Taft
Artist at Street Art House / Paper & Fabric
Kathy Looper
Kathy Looper
Executive Director, Reality House West, Inc./ Cadillac Hotel and Concerts at the Cadillac
Theresa Freeman
Theresa Freeman
Community Liaison/Legal at Reality House, Inc.

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