Established in 2008, Examiner.com has revolutionized the creation of original content at scale through tens of thousands of freelance contributors and its own national editors. We are a multifaceted media company with over 25 million monthly unique visitors to our consumer website and dozens of high-profile clients through our custom content solutions, OnTopic. Examiner.com is a division of AEG, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Anschutz Company, one of the leading sports and entertainment presenters in the world
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Jodie Fontenot
Jodie Fontenot
LION, Pilates Instructor Certified Reformer & Mat. Personal Trainer & Fitness Nutrition, Houston Pilates Examiner, Personal Trainer,PN1 Coach, Pilates for MS and other Neurological Disorders
Dionne Johnson Calhoun
Dionne Johnson Calhoun
DancerFit by Dionne I Comm & Brand Strategist | Arts & Entertainment Buzz Writer| Calhoun Comm TV Host| Speaker| Mentor|Success Coach
Dick Kantenberger
Dick Kantenberger
Business Development and Marketing Consultant; Business Advisor to SENG; National Gifted Ed. Writer at Examiner.com
Carrie Russo
Carrie Russo
Special Education and Autism Advocate, and Independent Writer
Sunny Pepper
Sunny Pepper
Examiner National - Celebrity Fitness & Health and Celebrity News
Marilyn Kai Jewett
Marilyn Kai Jewett
Owner at Progressive Images Marketing Communications
Shirley Zafirau
Shirley Zafirau
NYC Licensed Tour Guide at Shirley's Tours & Head of Staff at NYISDM Festival
Anthony Castaneda
Anthony Castaneda
Fresno Pop Culture Examiner at Examiner.com
Di Chapman
Di Chapman
Author, Speaker, Humorist Columnist, Blogger, Branding Expert
Star Myers
Star Myers
CEO/Founder at Voices Amplified-Author, Advocate, Ambassador FoRe Voices, Activist and survivor

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