Getting together with real people in real life makes powerful things happen. Side hustles become careers, ideas become movements, and chance encounters become lifelong connections. Meetup brings people together to create thriving communities. Show up. Change lives. To continue to help these tight-knit communities grow -- and to help new ones form -- we are rapidly growing our teams to maximize our impact on lives. We're ready to reshape and rebuild Meetup for the mobile, global future, and to craft experiences that echo the amazing feeling of going to a great Meetup event in real life. Our team is bold, supportive, and passionate about bringing people together in real life to create community for everyone. We care about moving fast, real-world change, and building diverse, dynamic teams. You in?
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New York, NY, US

Meetup Management & Employee Directory

Gwyn K
Gwyn K
Senior Director of Customer Experience at Meetup (Global)
Mark Goldberg
Mark Goldberg
Serial creative, problem child, old man with a camera. Sous Vide/Beer/Sake/Tea Populist.
Anthony Maher
Anthony Maher
Partner/President at University Place Associates. Former CEO of 1776 & Founder of Benjamin's Desk #LifeSciences #UX #RealEstate #PropTech
Clarke Reeves
Clarke Reeves
Strategy and project management consultant
Kaylin Fox
Kaylin Fox
Entrepreneur ~ A Blonde and Her Bag ~ Style More-Spend Less
Eujin Measson
Eujin Measson
Director, Audience Engagement & Analytics at Investopedia
Pat Patterson
Pat Patterson
Communicator, Digital Marketer, Strategist
Chris Buhler
Chris Buhler
Desktop, Client Services & Collaboration Professional
Jennie Hardy
Jennie Hardy
Organizer at Hartford Area Dynamic Business Networkers at Meetup
Cherie Foerster
Cherie Foerster
IT Recruiter at Systems Engineering Services.
James Dorf
James Dorf
Master Connector at Skilled Networking....... Vice Chair Baltimore City Chamber
Prerna Singh
Prerna Singh
Senior Director, Product Management at Meetup | Women in Product NYC Chapter Co-Lead | President, NY Metro Carnegie Mellon Alumni Chapter (I'm hiring!)

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