Edelman is a global communications firm that partners with businesses and organizations to evolve, promote and protect their brands and reputations. Our 6,000 people in more than 60 offices deliver communications strategies that give our clients the confidence to lead, act with certainty and earn the lasting trust of their stakeholders.We develop powerful ideas and tell magnetic stories that move at the speed of news, make an immediate impact, transform culture and spark movements. Since our founding in 1952 by Dan Edelman, we have remained an independent, family-run company. We use our profits to strengthen our business, provide our employees with opportunities to grow, advance our industry, and serve as a responsible citizen of the world. Every day, we strive to live and work by a long-held set of core values: the pursuit of excellence, the freedom to be curious, the courage to do the right thing, and a commitment to improving society.Edelman is an equal opportunity employer of all p...
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marketing & advertising
250 Hudson St,New York,NY,US

Edelman Management & Employee Directory

James Hill
James Hill
Senior Vice President, Strategy & Insights at Edelman Digital
Allison Naval
Allison Naval
Account Supervisor, Corporate Advisory Services at Edelman
Clare Marshall
Clare Marshall
Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs & Advisory Services at Edelman at Edelman
Maunica Malladi
Maunica Malladi
Account Supervisor at Assembly Media, Inc
Alex Brownstein
Alex Brownstein
Executive Vice President, Emerging Sciences and Bioethics
Ronnie Allman
Ronnie Allman
Award-Winning Film Director & Creative/Art Director
Sophia Bernard
Sophia Bernard
Vice President, Account @ Edelman | Formerly @ Droga5
Caitlin Semo
Caitlin Semo
Head of Partnerships, Edelman Trust Institute at Edelman
Jeremy S Thompson
Jeremy S Thompson
Vice President, Digital, Edelman Global Advisory

Edelman Competitors

Marketing & Advertising
Marketing & Advertising
Context Creative
Marketing & Advertising
Bryant Artists
Marketing & Advertising

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