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Joh Jarvis
Joh Jarvis
Joh Jarvis - Meditation teacher + Founder, New York City
Jeremy Langer
Jeremy Langer
Sports TV Executive | Media Consultant | Start-Up Co-Founder
Mike Vea
Mike Vea
Business Owner and Advisor | Growth, Improvement Specialist | Applying my CEO experiences | 5x Inc 5000 winner
Homi Kapadia
Homi Kapadia
Experienced Board Member, Former Vice Chairman, Global Chief Client Officer, Life Sciences Practice Ldr,ERP Practice Ldr
Jane Courant
Jane Courant
Communications instructor/Theater director and teacher
Mel Taylor
Mel Taylor
Film & TV Assistant Director & Production Assistant
Mary Manning
Mary Manning
Experienced Senior Marketing Manager, Consultant, and Photographer
Marco Dimayorca
Marco Dimayorca
Operator, Risk Manager, Strategic Planner, Entrepreneur
Rachael K Hartman
Rachael K Hartman
Instructional Designer | E-Learning Developer | Editor | Writer | Publication Project Manager | Book Development and Design | Mobile & Micro Learning and Development
Michy Greenberg
Michy Greenberg
Epic Grand Central and Prelude Principal Trainer at Various Companies
Charlie Middleton
Charlie Middleton
International Tax Lawyer / Accidental Whistleblower / Whistleblower Advocate
Mike Dou
Mike Dou
Oil and Gas Industry Transformation Consultant at Various Companies
Erica Moreno
Erica Moreno
Paralegal at Hunt Pennington Kumar & Dula, pllc
Patrick Harrison
Patrick Harrison
New Business Consultant | Pipeline Strategist🕵️
Crystal Gray
Crystal Gray
Graduate Candidate, Student Speech-Language Pathologist (Aspiring SLP, Professor, and Researcher)
Roshan Gaonkar
Roshan Gaonkar
Experienced Macro Trader with expertise in Liquid Credit Alternatives and Derivative/Volatility Products

Various Companies Competitors

Etagi Prague
real estate
U.S. Federal Government
government administration
Groupe Oui Care
individual & family services
apparel & fashion
Turk Telekom

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