Naspers Limited

Founded in 1915, Naspers is a global internet and entertainment group and one of the largest technology investors in the world. Operating in more than 120 countries and markets with long-term growth potential, Naspers builds leading companies that empower people and enrich communities. It runs some of the world’s leading platforms in internet, video entertainment, and media. Naspers companies connect people to each other and the wider world, help people improve their daily lives, and entertain audiences with the best of local and global content. Every day, millions of people use the products and services of companies that Naspers has invested in, acquired or built, including Avito, Brainly, Codecademy, Delivery Hero, eMAG, Flipkart, ibibo, iFood, letgo, Media24, Movile, MultiChoice, OLX, PayU, Showmax, SimilarWeb, Swiggy, Twiggle, and Udemy. Similarly, hundreds of millions of people have made the platforms of its associates Tencent (; SEHK 00700), (www.corp.mai...
Naspers Limited contact details
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40 Heerengracht, Cape Town, ZA

Naspers Limited Management & Employee Directory

Henk Esseveld
Henk Esseveld
Talent Acquisition Executive at Naspers Limited
Aileen O'Toole
Aileen O'Toole
Chief People Officer at Naspers Group. Member of the Naspers Management Team.
Robert Pirow
Robert Pirow
I build and optimise Customer Experiences.
Jennifer (Yuxuan) He
Jennifer (Yuxuan) He
President at Chinese Student and Scholar Association (UR-CSSA)
Paulina Baranowska
Paulina Baranowska
Global Executive Talent Acquisition Lead at Naspers Limited
Christiaan Bos
Christiaan Bos
Strategy Intern at Naspers Limited; in March ready for a digital strategy/innovation position.
Niclas Ekdahl
Niclas Ekdahl
CEO Connected Video at MultiChoice Group
Dominik Zins
Dominik Zins
Director Innovation at OLX bei Naspers Group
Selçuk Sandıkcı
Selçuk Sandıkcı
Senior Engineer Computer Vision & Data Science at Naspers Group
Sola Osinoiki
Sola Osinoiki
Senior Director People Technology at Prosus Group and Naspers
Fahd Beg
Fahd Beg
Chief Investment Officer at Prosus Group (AEX:PRX) and Naspers Limited
Nkululeko Mzolo Ca
Nkululeko Mzolo Ca
Group Reporting & Valuations at Naspers Limited and Prosus N.V

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