How To Start A Startup

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Learn how to start a startup with this step-by-step course 👇

Part 1: How to come up with startup ideas

Part 2: Picking an industry

Part 3: Study 100 companies

Part 4: Product development process

Part 5: Marketing channels

Part 6: Learning sales

Part 7: Talk to industry experts and ex-employees

Part 8: What would you ask in a mentorship session?

Part 9: Study competitor job openings and interviewing at competitors

Part 10: Talking to users

Part 11: Grit and determination

Part 12: Executing on startups

Part 13: Testing startups ideas

Part 14: Product market fit

Part 15: Product market fit (more examples)

Part 16: Building product in the leanest way possible (1/2)

Part 17: Building product in the leanest way possible (2/2)

Part 18: The startup process

Part 19: Grit and perseverance are the most important things

Part 20: How to find mentors (1/4)

Part 21: How to find mentors (2/4)

Part 22: How to find mentors (3/4)

Part 23: How to find mentors (4/4)


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Episode 1 — Startup Secrets Exposed: Inside the Meeting Room of a $10M Bootstrapped Startup!

Episode 2 — How Does Elon Musk Motivate His Employees? | Lessons for Startup Founders & CEOs

Episode 3 — Hit $7.9M in 2023: Our Step-by-Step Growth Blueprint Revealed!


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