How To Find Anyone’s Gmail Address 📧

We all know how important Gmail is. It’s our go-to email service for both personal and professional use, and according to Ofcom, around 67% of people worldwide use a Gmail address.

So what happens when we need to find someone’s Gmail address but don’t have any idea where to start?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! Here are a few methods you can use to find anyone’s Gmail address.

1- Check in your inbox

Your first step should be to check within your own email inbox.

If you’ve had any prior contact with the person whose Gmail address you’re trying to find, there’s a good chance that their email address will be stored in your address book or contact list.

To search for them, simply open up your inbox and hit the search bar. Start typing in their name or any other relevant keywords (e.g., company name, subject, their name) and see what comes up.

If that doesn’t turn up anything, you can also try to…

2- Google it

Just type in the person’s name followed by “Gmail” (e.g. “John Smith Gmail”). This should bring up any email addresses associated with that person.

Here’s what I got when I looked up our Co-CEO.

"rob liu gmail" google search results

And bingo! A Gmail address!

We cover this extensively on our ultimate find anyone’s email guide.

I wish that it was that easy every time. But when it’s not, you can use…

3- Gmail lookup tools

There are a few websites that can help you find Gmail addresses, such as Email Hunter and Anymail Finder. All you need to do is enter the person’s name or website domain, and these sites will scour the internet for any Gmail addresses associated with that person or domain.

You can also try inputting your prospect’s name into ContactOut’s search portal.

I’ll show you what I got by searching for a Rob Liu.

Step 1: Log in to ContactOut. If you’re new, you can register an account or sign in using a Google account.

Step 2: Enter the name into the search dashboard.

email address by gmail: contactout rob liu example

Step 3: Hit search.

Step 4: Do a ctrl+f “Gmail” search on the webpage to find the Gmail addresses.

Here’s what I found. email address by gmail: contactout rob liu results

Easy peasy. And it only took me 1 minute! (Here are 10 free searches to get you started.)

Don’t forget to check the details given in the profiles before you start emailing to make sure that you’re reaching the right person.

4- Guess and verify

It isn’t ideal, but if google isn’t turning up anything and your email finder tools aren’t helping, sometimes you just have to give it a good guess.

Now fair warning, this doesn’t always work, and it does take a bit of elbow grease. But it’s easier than you think!

Most email accounts follow the same standard conventions. If you’ve got a name, you can guess what the likely Gmail addresses would look like. And then all you have to do is verify it!

First, get a list of likely Gmail addresses. You can use an email permutator tool to help you with this stage.

Just input the first and last name and chuck in the domain name, too (Gmail, in this case).

We’ll try to find our Co-CEO’s email again.

email address by gmail: email permutator tool

The permutator then will spit out some likely possibilities.

email address by gmail: email permutator results

You can then take some of these permutations and plug them into an email verifier (don’t skip this step!)

email address by gmail: email verifier

Hopefully, you find some emails that give you this result.

email address by gmail: email verifier results

But be careful! We don’t know if we have the right guy!

That’s when you test them out in the email box.

Compose an email per address and type it into the receiver bar. If you hover over the address, you can see if the profile of the Gmail account that comes up belongs to your prospect.

This part will obviously be easier if you know what they look like. And if they have a photo of themselves on their profile.

email address by gmail: gmail results

(Not sure who we got here… An orange at the executive level? Diversity wins!)

If you’re unsure, make sure to be polite in your email in case it reaches the wrong inbox. You can begin by saying something like, “I’m trying to reach the Gmail address of _______ from x company. I’m sorry if this is the wrong email.”


Following these steps should help you find anyone’s Gmail address. Just remember to be patient and persistent, as it may take some time and effort to track down the right address.

In any case – here are some other ways to find someone’s: 

Good luck!

And of course, try ContactOut for free if you want to find accurate emails from 75% of the world’s professionals!

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