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ContactOut email address lookup helps sales people and recruiters find verified email addresses for the perfect leads and candidates. Quickly generate lists of potential customersor job applicants in seconds, saving you time and energy.

Search with our free email lookup tool in seconds with free signup. Also, use our personal email finder to contact anyone on Instagram, Snapchat, or TikTok so long as you have their accompanying LinkedIn profile, using our free email finder extension.

Email address finder options to choose from

Find personal or professional emails of 40 people for free. Email lookup for anyone's Gmail or company email on our email search engine or LinkedIn.

ContactOut Search Portal

Search email addresses in the ContactOut Search Portal

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ContactOut Chrome extension

Use the LinkedIn email finder tool — the ContactOut email finder extension

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Sales: Rated “Best Email Finder” for Sales by G2

Use the ContactOut email lookup service to contact up to 100 sales prospects for free. It beats ZoomInfo in every category in the category of email finder tools.

Recruitment: the best email finder for LinkedIn and other social media search

Want to look up anyone online? Whether you found them on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, or TikTok, as long as you can match them to LinkedIn or Github, 75% of the time you'll find a personal or professional email for them in the ContactOut Chrome extension.

People search: Phone number lookup

Call anyone you find online with a free phone number lookup by name on ContactOut Pro. One click gets you a direct dial for 70% of people on LinkedIn. Perfect for sales or recruitment outreach.

Frequently asked questions

Who rated ContactOut the "best free email lookup" tool? Expand Expand

G2, three years running since 2020 in their "people email finder" rankings here

Is the email lookup tool free? Expand Expand

ContactOut people email finder is free for up to the first 100 successful searches. After that, our paid plans start at just $29/month.

Can the email finder discover someone's Gmail? Expand Expand

Yes, ContactOut provides personal emails for about 75% of professionals on LinkedIn in North America. This includes Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and Hotmail personal emails.

Can I use the email finder by name? Expand Expand

Yes. You can either use the ContactOut Chrome extension while visiting a person's LinkedIn profile or use the ContactOut email name finder at the ContactOut Search Portal.

I'm looking for email addresses at a particular company. Can ContactOut help? Expand Expand

Yes. Simply visit the ContactOut Search Portal and enter the company name into the "Company" field, then click "Search." You will see all members currently with that company, and can even export them in bulk.

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“This is such a great and simple tool to use.”
Tobia St Germain
Tobia St Germain
Recruitment Coordinator, Google
J.P. Morgan
"Find personal mails seamlessly. Thanks for this tool!"
Ekin Bayildiran
Ekin Bayildiran
Executive Search, JP Morgan
Robert Half
“Great email tool. I've used a few other services and ContactOut is the easiest one to use.”
Jon Nowakowski
Jon Nowakowski
Sr. Recruiter, Robert Half
“ContactOut worked really well for us. A great tool; we use it daily.”
Amy Stephenson
Amy Stephenson
Senior Consultant, Randstad
“Contact Out has tripled the yield to our InMail strategy traditionally exclusively on LinkedIn, which isn't delivering us ROI anymore. Great product!”
Ryan Brogan
Ryan Brogan
Sr. Manager of Global Recruiting, WarnerMedia
“This is definitely my preferred extension for finding email addresses. It requires the least amount of effort to help find information needed. Keep up the great work!”
Suzanne Huynh
Suzanne Huynh
Associate, PwC
“Love this extension and would recommend it to anyone looking for a tool to find email addresses.”
Evan M. Wolfson
Evan M. Wolfson
National Sales Manager, Yelp
“Love it! I use it every day.”
Camille Verdier
Camille Verdier
Producer, CNN
“Excellent product, very small chance of error.”
Farida Charania
Farida Charania
Sr. Recruiter, HSBC

Hear what our customers have to say

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