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150M Personal Emails
40M Personal Emails
200M Work Emails
80M Work Emails
100M Phone Numbers
60M Phone Numbers
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Engagement Tools


Users from 76% of Fortune 500
companies use ContactOut

4.6 / 5

Star Star Star Star Star

G2 ratings

4.4 / 5

Star Star Star Star Star

Chrome Store rating

G2 Ratings

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(Source: g2.com)

8.9 Lead Validation
9.1 Lead Enrichment
8.8 Lead Quality
8.9 Lead Analysis
9.2 Browser Extension
8.5 Lead Validation
8.5 Lead Enrichment
8.3 Lead Quality
8.3 Lead Analysis
8.7 Browser Extension

User Ratings

9.3 Meets Requirements
9.9 Lead Enrichment
9.4 Quality of Support
9.8 Has the product been a good partner in doing business?
8.6 Meets Requirements
8.6 Lead Enrichment
8.6 Quality of Support
8.5 Has the product been a good partner in doing business?

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Star Star Star Star Star

4.6 stars

Star Star Star Star Star

4.5 stars

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Quality of Support


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partner in doing business?


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  • Small-Business
    (50 or fewer)
  • Mid-Market
  • Enterprise

ContactOut customer reviews 📢

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10x your recruitment & sales conversations

Reveal personal & work email addresses, as well as phone numbers accurately with our ContactOut Chrome extension.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

What kind of data can I get from ContactOut? Expand Expand

ContactOut has about 75% of professionals’ personal and work emails, as well as 70% of professionals’ direct dial (mobile phone number) data. Recruiters, salespeople, and marketers make up the majority of ContactOut’s customer base.

How much does ContactOut cost? Expand Expand

ContactOut plans start at just $29/mo. There are also free plans, which give you 10 credits per month.

What is a “credit”? Expand Expand

One credit = one person’s contact information. Direct dials (mobile number data) are billed separately, and vary by plan. Please see the pricing page for more details.

Is there a free trial available? Expand Expand

ContactOut has a free plan you can use forever. It comes with 10 credits per month (1 credit = 1 person’s contact details.)

Are there any limitations with the free plan? Expand Expand

The free plan only works with LinkedIn Standard (not LinkedIn Recruiter, Recruiter Lite, or SalesNav.) It also does not give you access to candidate & sales prospect mobile numbers.

How accurate is ContactOut data? Expand Expand

ContactOut data is 99% accurate, due to our process of triple-verifying each contact via AI and social media.

Is ContactOut’s data GDPR aligned & CCPA compliant? Expand Expand

Yes, our data is fully committed and aligned to the GDPR & CCPA requirements.

Does ContactOut integrate with my ATS/CRM? Expand Expand

Yes, you can connect Greenhouse, Lever, Salesforce, and thousands of other systems either natively or via ContactOut’s partnership with Zapier.

How is ContactOut different from other email finder tools? Expand Expand

ContactOut is known as the provider with the most extensive and accurate data. This is according to independent reviews by users on G2. (Check those reviews here.)

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