Workshop/APD is a design and architecture firm founded in New York City in 1999 by Principals Matt Berman and Andrew Kotchen. The studio has since grown to more than 85 employees with an enviable roster of work that runs the gamut from seaside retreats and sleek urban lofts to luxurious family homes, high-end multi-family developments and trend-setting hospitality projects. Workshop/APD is not bound by project type or a singular aesthetic, actively leveraging past experiences to solve a myriad of design challenges. The firm offers an environment that fosters creativity and embraces technological advances in products, design, and materials. As such, they advocate big ideas and believe in conceptualizing projects first, over merely designing them. The Workshop/APD process is steeped in collaboration, bringing together the necessary set of expertise to fulfill all design requirements. Committed to designing properties and spaces that embrace the local, Workshop/APD projects demonstra...
Workshop/APD contact details
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Architecture & Planning
39 W 38th St, 7th Floor, New York, New York 10018, US

Workshop/APD Management & Employee Directory

Sydney Slater
Sydney Slater
Business Development Coordinator at Workshop/APD
Brook Quach
Brook Quach
Design Director, Senior Associate at Workshop/APD
Jonah Kaplan
Jonah Kaplan
Director of Business Development & Communications at Workshop/APD
Irem Cabbaroglu
Irem Cabbaroglu
Senior Project Manager, Associate at Workshop/APD
Ruoxi Wang
Ruoxi Wang
Senior Product Designer at Workshop/APD
Thomas Zoli
Thomas Zoli
Principal at Workshop/APD Architecture, DPC
Tarika Thienapirak
Tarika Thienapirak
Senior Designer and Registered Architect at Workshop/APD

Workshop/APD Competitors

CBT Architects
architecture & planning
Shalom Baranes Associates
architecture & planning
FWBA Architects
Architecture & Planning

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