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140 3rd Ave West,Huntington,West Virginia,US
The Spriggs Family founded their first wholesaler-ship in Ohio at the end of Prohibition in 1934. For over 80 years, this operation distributed in Ohio, handling many regional brands and wines but eventually became an exclusive Anheuser-Busch wholesaler. Like Ohio, the Spriggs Family entered the Kentucky market in 1934 but this entire territory was eventually voted dry. In 1980, they re-entered the Kentucky market, when Boyd County was voted wet, acquiring the Anheuser-Busch brands in 1981.In 1947, the Spriggs Family entered the West Virginia market, distributing Carling. They would eventually sell this business to their manager. In 1980, the Spriggs Family re-entered the West Virginia market. The Huntington, WV based wholesaler acquired the Anheuser-Busch brands in 1985. In 2013, they acquired the adjacent distributorship in Williamson, WV and in 2016 the adjacent distributorships in Charleston, the state capital, and Parkersburg, WV. With these expansions in the Mountain State, the resulting company covers 18 counties and parts of 4 others, creating the largest distributor in the state. In 2017, the decision was made to make the state of West Virginia the center-piece and focus of business and thus, with a heavy heart, the Ohio and Kentucky operations were sold to an adjacent distributor. This began an exciting new chapter in our company history, with a focus on maximizing retail execution across all the key measurable areas through an advanced, technology-based selling approach that’s steeped in strong retailer rapport.The consistent model for this distributorship remains true to this day. It is the model of a complete wholesaler. We are not just focused on the execution of business plans, but on providing a banner of leadership for the various communities we service. As the Chairman of our Board of Directors, Mr. Guy Spriggs likes to say, “we have been and will remain, not only a family business, but a business of families.”

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The widely used Triple Crown Beverage Group email format is {f}{last} (e.g. [email protected]) with 75.00% adoption across the company.

What is Triple Crown Beverage Group customer service number?

To contact Triple Crown Beverage Group customer service number in your country click here to find.

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