Time Inc.

On February 1, 2018, Meredith Corporation (NYSE: MDP; meredith.com) acquired Time Inc. We now reach 200 million consumers who come to us for today’s biggest stories and innovative experiences from the most trusted, iconic brands. Meredith has been committed to service journalism for 115 years. Today, Meredith uses multiple distribution platforms — including broadcast television, digital, print, mobile and video — to provide consumers with content they desire and to deliver the messages of its advertising and marketing partners through 30+ media brands. Meredith is a leader in creating content across media platforms and life stages in key consumer interest areas such as celebrity, food, lifestyle, home, parenting, beauty, fashion, news and sports. Meredith also features robust brand licensing activities including more than 3,000 SKUs of branded products at 5,000 Walmart stores across the U.S. and at walmart.com., as well as innovative business-to-business marketing solutions provided...
Time Inc. contact details
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225 Liberty Street,New York,NY,United States

Time Inc. Management & Employee Directory

Alan Sorkin
Alan Sorkin
Igniting, inspiring & transforming the lives of CEOs and Entrepreneurs by coaching, mentoring and leading a high performing, tenured, peer group focusing on Leadership, Executive Development and Leade
Joshua Wallace
Joshua Wallace
Chief Executive Officer at NP Sports & Entertainment Group and Aux Media Productions
Neil Taylor
Neil Taylor
Founder of and Managing Director at NTI
Paul Anderson
Paul Anderson
CEO / Executive Recruiter: Placing Project Professionals - VPs to PMs
Alonzo Washington
Alonzo Washington
Instructor at National Personal Training Institute (NPTI), Certified Personal Trainer at Life Time Fitness
Barry Aleo
Barry Aleo
Director of Sales & Operations ⚫ 20+ Years Event Producer ⚫ Certified Sales Professional (CPSP®) ⚫ Networker/Connector ⚫ Award-Winning Corporate Events Planner? (See More Below 👇)
Hina Dixit
Hina Dixit
Lead Investor @SamsungNEXT | Ex-Apple SWE Leadership | Stanford University AI
Bhushan Parikh
Bhushan Parikh
Helping Companies Transition from Their Legacy Pasts to Their Digital Futures
Corinne Mimran
Corinne Mimran
EVP Global Communications & Strategic Digital Marketing
Debbie Starr Jackson
Debbie Starr Jackson
Producer, Research Outreach Specialist/LEGION M and PENCILISH Co Owner Founding Investor
Eva Rosa Zamora
Eva Rosa Zamora
Loan Officer NMLS- Credit Repair Specialist- -Human Resource Degree. Business Management in Science. Working with a Master's Degree in Health Management.
Kurt Roskopf
Kurt Roskopf
Co-host Captain at Happy Neighborhood Project - HNP
Kareem Wyatt
Kareem Wyatt
Real Estate Investor, Business Owner & Serial Entrepreneur
Lee Harrison
Lee Harrison
Gardens On Air - A Local Farm, Inc is an SBA Certified EDWOSB. An Up & Coming CEA Indoor & Greenhouse Vertical Hydroponic, Aeroponic, & Nutrient Film Technique Farm circa 2010. Working to feed our com
Jim Taylor
Jim Taylor
Media Consultant | Growth Strategist | Radio | Digital Marketing
Matt Benton
Matt Benton
Trenchless Marketing | Real Time Marketing | NoDig.com Trenchless Information Center
Paul Laster
Paul Laster
Contributing Writer at Galerie Magazine
Tobin  Trevarthen
Tobin Trevarthen
Narratologist designing strategic brand narratives that transforms companies and executives.

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