The world of work has changed. Now, all jobs are tech jobs. Demand has far outpaced supply. The world needs a new workforce. We know what it takes to give our students the tools, training, and network to change their careers, and lives. It will take empathy, compassion and dedication, meeting our students where they are online and through local- specific events, workshops and employers. It will take accessibility, providing the most flexible options on the market for class schedules and payment, along with a completely online study program. It will take thoughtful innovation, constantly updating our teaching methodology to facilitate the best possible learning experience for our students, so they enter the workforce armed with the right skill set. It will take an unreasonable passion for student success, providing 1-on-1 mentorship, living stipends, portfolio workshops, interview training, one of the most enviable employer networks in the industry and a job guarantee. We are Thin...
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Brooklyn, NY, United States

Thinkful Management & Employee Directory

Kate Privert
Kate Privert
Coach | Talent Developer | Program Manager | Career Connector | Problem Solver | CPRW | ICF
Theresa Freet
Theresa Freet
Head of Customer Operations at Polygence
Tracy Skala
Tracy Skala
Talent Development | ICF & Gallup Certified Strengths Coach
Aaron Skinner
Aaron Skinner
Design thinking brand builder, experience creator and innovation catalyst.
Arash Ahmadi
Arash Ahmadi
Data Scientist | Data Analyst | Data Engineer | Business Analyst | Big Data | Machine Learning | Python | SQL | Tableau | Microsoft Power BI | Data Mining
Azat Vekilov
Azat Vekilov
Future Software Engineer || AI & Machine Learning & Data Enthusiast
Angie Ellis
Angie Ellis
Educator Training and Design Subject Matter Expert at Thinkful
Mike Stowe
Mike Stowe
Technical coach and sometimes mentor at Bloc/Thinkful/Chegg
Katherine Perkins
Katherine Perkins
Data Scientist | Data Engineer | Data Analyst
Jonathan Huxhold
Jonathan Huxhold
Software Engineer, Systems & Automation at Vantage Risk
Ken Rothmuller
Ken Rothmuller
Instructor / Mentor at Bainbridge Artison Resource Network (BARN)
Gwynn Dandridge Perry
Gwynn Dandridge Perry
Software Engineering Course Teaching Assistant & Mentor
Jessica M
Jessica M
Senior Director, Digital Marketing (Pod Lead) | Twitter: @JessMontville

Thinkful Competitors

Bloc, Inc.
General Assembly
education management
Afficient Academy

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