Helping brands make data actionable, in real-time, across every customer experience touch point.Tealium revolutionizes today’s digital businesses with a universal approach to customer data orchestration – spanning web, mobile, offline and Internet of Things devices. With the power to unify customer data into a single source of truth, Tealium offers a turnkey integration ecosystem supporting more than 1,000 client-side and server-side vendors and technologies. The Tealium Customer Data Hub encompasses tag management, API hub, customer data platform and data management solutions that enable organizations to leverage real-time data to create richer, more personalized digital experiences across every team, technology, and customer touchpoint. www.Tealium.com
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11095 Torreyana Road,San Diego,CA,US

Tealium Management & Employee Directory

Ray Orgunwall
Ray Orgunwall
Director, Website Development at Tealium
Maddie K
Maddie K
Senior Customer Success Manager at Tealium
Lauren Snedden
Lauren Snedden
Senior Director, Corporate Communications at Tealium
Scott Barry
Scott Barry
Senior Customer Account Manager at Tealium
Chase Radak
Chase Radak
Customer Data Orchestration @ Tealium | Tealium Helps You Connect Data So You Can Better Connect With Your Customers
Niko Levenetz
Niko Levenetz
Customer Success | B2B SaaS | Account Management | Customer Data Orchestration | Market Research | Market Intelligence
Adam Yapkowitz
Adam Yapkowitz
Experienced Sales Leader, Problem Solver and Change Agent
Josh Roach
Josh Roach
Chief Technology Officer and Founder, Mobile Learning Networks
Richard Morrow
Richard Morrow
Tech & Data Consultant. Building the future of video game wagering!
Nicole Jay Martinez
Nicole Jay Martinez
Agile Tech Leader with 25 years of experience using synergy to successfully deliver SaaS, Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, & Socially Conscious products. Six Sigma | PSM II | CSPO | Cloud | DevOps | MB
Scott Wyman
Scott Wyman
Help Clients Modernize the Planning, Execution, and Distribution of Work | Cloud-Based Project Management

Tealium Competitors

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marketing & advertising
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ERT Group
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