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Years ago, tree fruit was carefully grown on the farmer's own ranch. The entire family participated in the timeless process of nurture and care that only those who "lived on the land" could impart. Often, the cultural and packing practices were ones passed down through generations with each family having their family pride and reputation at stake in the fruit they grew. They worked from dawn to dusk, carefully delivering their day's labor of ranch packed fruit to the "ice house" for distribution to a hungry nation. But progress told these family farmers that they were out of step, that the modern world demanded an approach more like a factory than that of a farm. Lawyers, accountants and consultants replaced the toil of the family farm, and a way of life and ability to provide the best ranch packed fruit one could find was nearly lost. Now, a return to the past is truly a step forward. Summeripe is a select group of family growers who share but one common goal: To produce the finest, freshest fruit available. Taking the modern technology of state of the art packing equipment, but applying it at the family farm level rather than creating a "fruit factory", Summeripe, is able to rigidly maintain the highest levels of maturity, flavor and consistency.

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The widely used Summeripe email format is {f}{last} (e.g. [email protected]) with 75% adoption across the company.

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To contact Summeripe customer service number in your country click here to find.

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