Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix is the personal style service for men and women that evolves with your tastes, needs and lifestyle.It’s our mission to change the way people find clothes they love by combining technology with the personal touch of seasoned style experts. The Stitch Fix experience is not merely curated—it’s truly personalized. We’re here to help our clients save time, look great and evolve their personal style over time.How We Got Here:Founder Katrina Lake created Stitch Fix to blend the human element of personal styling with high-quality clothing and proprietary algorithms. She shipped the first Stitch Fix order out of her Cambridge apartment in 2011 while attending Harvard, and today the company has brought the exclusive shopping experience to millions of men and women nationwide. In 2016, we launched men’s, and extended our women’s offerings to include plus sizes in 2017.Our Stylists:We’re proud to work with thousands of passionate Stylists from all over the U.S. They’re trendsetters and...
Stitch Fix contact details
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apparel & fashion
One Montgomery Tower,San Francisco,CA,United States

Stitch Fix Management & Employee Directory

Eric Weber
Eric Weber
I learn every day | Senior Director @StitchFix | Chicago Booth MBA | Writer: "From Data to Product"
Olivia Liao
Olivia Liao
Senior Director of Data Science at Stitch Fix, ex-Uber, Biostatistics consultant
Rachel Thompson
Rachel Thompson
Senior Director of Merchandise Planning at Stitch Fix
Irene Leung
Irene Leung
Product Development Manager at Stitch Fix
Laura Xiao
Laura Xiao
Senior Strategy Manager @ Stitch Fix
Ashley Haigler
Ashley Haigler
Senior Engineering Mgr at Stitch Fix, 4+ years of Engineering Management, 2+ years of IT Business Relation Mgt and 10+ years of IT Experience
Ashley Kayson
Ashley Kayson
#1 International Best-Selling Author,Singer/Songwriter/Soccerplayer and Magic Maker!
Emily Hoffman
Emily Hoffman
Strategic Thinker. Animal Lover. People Developer.
Jimmy Charite
Jimmy Charite
Staff Data Scientist @ Stitch Fix | Ex-Meta
Marta Valer
Marta Valer
Client Experience Strategy at Stitch Fix
Sharon Chiarella
Sharon Chiarella
Product & Technology Executive, ex-Amazon, ex-Microsoft, Netflix

Stitch Fix Competitors

Nasty Gal
apparel & fashion
Apparel & Fashion

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