Silicon Valley Bank

For more than 35 years, Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) has helped innovative companies and their investors move bold ideas forward, fast. SVB provides a full range of financial services and expertise to companies of all sizes in innovation centers around the world. SVB is recognized as one of the world’s best employers by Forbes, and is a member of the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index. Learn more at Please contact client service at for all account questions. To ensure your information is secure, please do not include any personal account information in posts or messages.Comments are moderated and will be removed if they are off-topic or abusive.©2019 SVB Financial Group. All rights reserved. Silicon Valley Bank is a member of the FDIC and the Federal Reserve System. Silicon Valley Bank is the California bank subsidiary of SVB Financial Group (Nasdaq: SIVB). SVB, SVB FINANCIAL GROUP, SILICON VALLEY BANK, MAKE NEXT HAPPEN NOW and the chevr...
Silicon Valley Bank contact details
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3003 Tasman Drive,Santa Clara,CA,US

Silicon Valley Bank Management & Employee Directory

Jewelya Lees
Jewelya Lees
Manager, Administration at Silicon Valley Bank
Brian Bell
Brian Bell
Managing Director at Silicon Valley Bank
Bob Rubenstein
Bob Rubenstein
Senior Director of Architecture at Silicon Valley Bank
Susan Winter
Susan Winter
Managing Director, Global Head of Loan Syndications
Jordy Samiljan
Jordy Samiljan
Managing Director I Leveraged Finance & Sponsor Coverage at Silicon Valley Bank
Sayoji Goli
Sayoji Goli
Director Project Finance at Silicon Valley Bank
Charlotte Shropshire
Charlotte Shropshire
Fund Marketing, Capital Formation, Investor Relations, and Fund Launch Specialist for Alternatives
Satya Ravulapati
Satya Ravulapati
Software Engineering Manager at Silicon Valley Bank
Brett Moyer
Brett Moyer
Director of Financial Planning and Analysis at Silicon Valley Bank
Patrick Snell
Patrick Snell
Director of Business Lines Finance at Silicon Valley Bank
Albert Persampiere
Albert Persampiere
Senior Associate - Leveraged Finance at Silicon Valley Bank
Jayson A Fetterley
Jayson A Fetterley
Business Partner at Silicon Valley Bank | Metaverse Investor | Lyft Alum | Fisher Investments Alum
Michael Lee
Michael Lee
Senior Operations Analyst at Silicon Valley Bank
Anthony Garcia
Anthony Garcia
Business Planning and Strategy at Bank of America
Tom Sutrinaitis
Tom Sutrinaitis
Vice President, Technology Banking at Silicon Valley Bank
Sapna Easwar
Sapna Easwar
Liquidity Solutions @ Silicon Valley Bank

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