Shopbop | East Dane

Shopbop is the global online retail destination for style inspiration and discovery, offering women all over the world a comprehensive, hand-picked selection of ready-to-wear apparel and accessories from over 1,000 established and emerging designers. Shopbop debuts new arrivals, compelling editorial content and styling guidance daily. Launched in 2013, brother site East Dane, a division of BOP LLC, is the international online menswear resource featuring an unmatched selection from leading and up-and-coming labels as well as engaging editorials and a seamless shopping experience. Shopbop | East Dane provides world-class customer service, fast, free global shipping worldwide and free returns in the U.S. and Canada.Shopbop | East Dane is at the cutting edge of e-commerce, and we are driven to be the daily destination inspiring fashion worldwide, merging a comprehensive brand list and strong editorial perspective with an easy-to-shop, sure-to-delight user experience.Acquired in 2006, BOP L...
Shopbop | East Dane contact details
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1245 East Washington Avenue,Madison,WI,US

Shopbop | East Dane Management & Employee Directory

Shuqian Cao
Shuqian Cao
CRM Marketing Manager at Shopbop | East Dane
Gabriella Low
Gabriella Low
Assistant Buyer, Women’s Designer Boutique at Shopbop
Paul Martin
Paul Martin
Senior Operations Manager at
Matt Raines
Matt Raines
Senior Manager Software Development at Shopbop | East Dane
Rob Veliz
Rob Veliz
Senior Product Manager with a background in web design, SEO and digital marketing
LaToya Aure
LaToya Aure
Web Content Manager at SHOPBOP.COM, Certified Project Manager
Jillian Zack
Jillian Zack
Merchant Assistant at SHOPBOP | EAST DANE
Maureen Lee
Maureen Lee
Digital Brand Marketing at Shopbop | East Dane,
Carrie Yan
Carrie Yan
Student at University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Edilsa Bueno
Edilsa Bueno
CRM Marketing Strategy at SHOPBOP | EAST DANE
Kim Fleissner
Kim Fleissner
Chief Executive Officer at Shopbop | East Dane
Andrea Meade
Andrea Meade
Customer Service Training Manager at SHOPBOP
Cassie Hartmann
Cassie Hartmann
CS Operations Manager at Shopbop | East Dane

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