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PDI is a fast-paced company that promotes strong values and a high-performance culture. We are proactive, detail-oriented, and committed to maximizing our efforts to drive results for our customers, the company and each other. Our company aspires to create an “awesome” team by attracting, developing and growing our talent. We value hard work and foster a fun and collaborative atmosphere that encourages sharing knowledge and building skill sets.PDI helps convenience retailers and petroleum wholesalers thrive through digital transformation and enterprise software that enables them to grow topline revenue, optimize operations and unify their business across the entire value chain. Over 1,500 customers in more than 200,000 locations worldwide count on our leading ERP, logistics, fuel pricing and marketing cloud solutions to provide insights that increase volume, margin and customer loyalty. PDI owns and operates the Fuel Rewards® loyalty program that is consistently ranked as a top-perform...
PDI Software contact details
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11675 Rainwater Dr,Alpharetta,Georgia,US

PDI Software Management & Employee Directory

Linnea Geiss
Linnea Geiss
Chief Operating Officer at PDI Software
Drew Mize
Drew Mize
EVP & General Manager, ERP and Logistics Solutions at PDI Software
Cole Jaggers
Cole Jaggers
Client Development Manager at PDI Software
Leyla Bauer
Leyla Bauer
Data Engineer, Chicago historian, & Creative open to making new connections in tech, music & the arts.
Massimo Ilario
Massimo Ilario
Director, Software Engineering at PDI Insights Cloud
Spencer Lewis
Spencer Lewis
BDR Manager | MBA Candidate - University of Georgia
Jeff Noska
Jeff Noska
Director Of Product Development at PDI Security Solutions
Gabe Ortega
Gabe Ortega
Fuel Pricing Practice Leader at PDI Software
Laura Cade
Laura Cade
Consumer Engagement Manager at PDI Software
Jeff Harold
Jeff Harold
Head of ERP and Logistics FP&A / Director of Finance
Myles Conway
Myles Conway
Director, Strategic Account Sales at PDI Software
Austin Skaggs
Austin Skaggs
Vice President of Consulting at PDI Software
Phil Cory
Phil Cory
Quality Assurance Automation Engineer at PDI Software
Dave Phillips
Dave Phillips
Product Manager, Certified Scrum Master, Payment Risk & Loss Prevention

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Computer Software
Computer Software

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