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3191 Coral Way Suite 303,Coral Gables,Florida,US
In 2003 MediClassic, South Florida Prepaid Health Clinics, Inc. (SFPHC) was granted a Prepaid Health Clinic License by the Office of Insurance Regulation under Florida Statutes 641 Part II. On February 2004 SFPHC launched MediClassic, the first prepaid health clinic plan in South Florida. SFPHC was the latest affiliate addition to MCCI and affiliated companies. SFPHC was founded by physicians who have 36+ years of managed care experience. Our overall managed care operations, through our affiliated companies are responsible for providing comprehensive medical services including primary care services to approximately 45,000 lives with approximately 550 employees, of which 78 are physicians. Full-risk managed care agreements represent the overwhelming majority of our managed care revenues which exceed $385 million. SFPHC is a privately held managed care company, which provides access to health care services to individuals and groups. Our company’ mission is to offer and provide access to quality, affordable health care for the continuously growing population that no longer can access health care through the traditional vehicles. To our knowledge no one else is providing a low cost virtually guaranteed benefit health plan with their own primary care offices. The group operates 24+ staff medical centers, staff model physician offices with highly qualified employed physicians, in the South Florida market.

Frequently Asked Questions about MediClassic

What is MediClassic email format?

The widely used MediClassic email format is {f}{last} (e.g. [email protected]) with 75.00% adoption across the company.

What is MediClassic customer service number?

To contact MediClassic customer service number in your country click here to find.

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