Magic Leap

We’re Magic Leap, and we’re a different kind of tech company. One that’s changing how people interact with the digital world.So, naturally, the journey starts with building a totally new kind of computer. One that’s lightweight, wearable and capable of changing the way we experience the world. One that frees the digital content from behind screens and brings it into the world around us, making everything from shopping to entertainment to communication and productivity better and more natural. So imagine music you can see and touch, movie screens that can be put anywhere, and games that pour into your living room with characters that take over your couch. We know it sounds impossible, but that’s kind of the point. Headquartered in sunny South Florida and with offices around the globe, we are a company of people who see and do things a little differently. Well, a lot differently. And that’s where you come in. We are looking for artists and engineers, dreamers and explorers, scientists an...
Magic Leap contact details
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consumer electronics
7500 W Sunrise Blvd,Plantation,Florida,US

Magic Leap Management & Employee Directory

cathy hackl
cathy hackl
Helping Brands Enter the Metaverse via Strategy + Branded Gaming Worlds @Futures Intelligence & Holograms @Avatar Dimension | Futurist |Thinkers50 Radar| 2x Linkedin Top Tech Voice | Speaker AR VR Spa
peggy johnson
peggy johnson
Chief Executive Officer at Magic Leap
joseph yeh 🖤💛🤎
joseph yeh 🖤💛🤎
Founding Recruiter @ AI consumer startup Sunshine
tamar daliot
tamar daliot
Recruiting Team Lead, Software Engineering at Facebook
jill rubin siegel
jill rubin siegel
Global Talent Acquisition Leader

Magic Leap Competitors

Oculus VR
consumer electronics
Leap Motion (now Ultraleap)
computer software
Valve corporation
computer games
MAKO Surgical Corp.
medical device

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