London Business School

London Business School's vision is to have a profound impact on the way the world does business. The School is consistently ranked in the global top 10 for its programmes and is widely acknowledged as a centre for outstanding research. As well as its top-ranked full-time MBA, the School offers degree and award winning executive education programmes to executives from around the world. With a presence in four international cities – London, New York, Hong Kong and Dubai – the School is well positioned to equip students from more than 130 countries with the tools needed to operate in today’s business environment. The School has more than 44,000 alumni, from over 150 countries, which provide a wealth of knowledge, business experience and worldwide networking opportunities. London Business School’s 157 academics come from more than 30 countries and cover seven subject areas: accounting; economics; finance; management science and operations; marketing; organisational behaviour; and stra...
London Business School contact details
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Higher Education
London, United Kingdom

London Business School Management & Employee Directory

Rodrigo Caballero Gout
Rodrigo Caballero Gout
MBA Candidate at London Business School | McKinsey & Company | Private Equity
Maia Young
Maia Young
Associate Professor, University of California, Irvine - The Paul Merage School of Business (she/her)
Varun Arte
Varun Arte
MBA Candidate at London Business School
Mukesh A Joshi
Mukesh A Joshi
Vice President | M&A Advisory | London Business School
Kim Humphreys
Kim Humphreys
Managing Director at Carvil Ventures Limited - Independent Corporate FInance & Real Estate Consultancy
Julia Tyler
Julia Tyler
Associate Dean at London Business School
Paul English
Paul English
Digital Transformation at Ogilvy Consulting
Amelia Whitelaw
Amelia Whitelaw
Executive Director, Wheeler Institute for Business and Development at London Business School
Danny Attias
Danny Attias
Highly ranked Chief Digital & Information Officer | 🎙️ Podcaster | Mentor
Nicola Koppelmann
Nicola Koppelmann
Assistant Director, Development at London Business School
Emmeline Tang
Emmeline Tang
Lead Consulting Engineer, Arup | Data Centres | Executive MBA 2015 London Business School

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