Indus Motor Company Ltd

In its 25 years history of manufacturing and marketing Toyota brand vehicles in Pakistan, Indus Motor Company has demonstrated impressive growth, through the development of human talent embracing the ‘Toyota Way’of quality and lean manufacturing. Over the years, IMC has made large scale investments in enhancing its own capacity and in meeting customer requirements for new products. Today, Corolla is the largest selling automotive brand model in Pakistan in its category and it also has the distinction of being # 1 in Toyota’s Asian market. The Company invests heavily in training thereby creating a culture of high performing empowered teams working seamlessly across processes in search of quality and continuous improvement. The core values of the Company encourage employees to pursue high standards of business ethics and safety; communicating candidly by giving bad news first and to respect people.
Indus Motor Company Ltd contact details
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Indus Motor Company Ltd Management & Employee Directory

Imran Habib
Imran Habib
Chief Strategic Officer - Habib American Bank
Musavvir Rasheed
Musavvir Rasheed
lifting equipment inspector/lifting instructor
Alina Makhani
Alina Makhani
Assistant Brand Manager- Passenger Cars at Toyota Pakistan| Marketing & Brand Strategist | Digital Marketing Enthusiast
Ameer Siddiqui
Ameer Siddiqui
Deputy Manager at Indus Motor Company Ltd
Muhammad Musawwir
Muhammad Musawwir
Assistant Manager - Commercial Procurement at TOYOTA - Indus Motor Company Ltd
Muhammed Kunnuvayal
Muhammed Kunnuvayal
Territory Sales Manager at Indus Motor Company Ltd
Nisha Sebastian
Nisha Sebastian
JUNIOR MANAGER SALES at Indus Motor Company Ltd
Shahzeb Iqbal
Shahzeb Iqbal
Senior Engineer at Toyota Daihatsu Engineering and Manufacturing (Thailand)
Sunil Kumar Rs
Sunil Kumar Rs
Senior service advisor at Indus Motor Company Ltd
Agile D;ji
Agile D;ji
Service Advisor at Indus Motor Company Ltd
Syed Shabbiruddin
Syed Shabbiruddin
Automotive Marketing, Sales, Corporate Communications
Soji Kurian
Soji Kurian
Internal Auditor at Indus Motor Company Ltd

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