Hudson MX

Hudson MX is a fast-growing advertising software startup with dual headquarters in Atlanta and New York City. We are innovating an industry that is hungry for change with the largest media agencies in the world already using our tools to enhance their media buying workflows. To expand our product and build on our initial success we’re looking for bright, ambitious people animated by the opportunity to learn and materially contribute to the direction of our business every day. Our team comes from a variety of backgrounds—media, software, banking, consulting, and non-profit management, to name a few. Where might you fit? We’re looking for people in the following areas (and if you’re interested and think you could contribute in some other way, we’d love to hear from you): - Account management- Customer success- Product- Engineering- Marketing- Data science
Hudson MX contact details
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computer software
1776 Peachtree St NW,Atlanta,Georgia,US

Hudson MX Management & Employee Directory

Talha Khan
Talha Khan
VP, Head of Strategy and Business Operations at Hudson MX
Jeremy Simms
Jeremy Simms
Advertising Technology | Customer Success | SaaS
Jonathan Peterson
Jonathan Peterson
Product Manager specializing in B2C, Media, Advertising and Marketing Technology. Enthusiastic Dance music DJ. Let's do something cool together!
Danielle Levine
Danielle Levine
Experienced business executive and legal professional | VP, Ops & Legal | CEO
Bart Brassil
Bart Brassil
Product Management & Marketing Leader in SaaS & Software within the AD-Tech, Analytics, Data Science / Machine Learning & Advertising space
Jake Bell
Jake Bell
Technical Project Manager at Hudson MX
Zufiya Edwards
Zufiya Edwards
Product Solutions + Customer Success + Advertising Expert
Jeyaraj Loganathan
Jeyaraj Loganathan
Senior Java/J2EE Developer at ASAP Solutions Group, LLC
Mike Floyd
Mike Floyd
Quality Assurance Engineer at Hudson MX

Hudson MX Competitors

computer software
computer software
Computer Software
Intech Systems
computer software

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