HSH Nordbank

As the "Bank for entrepreneurs" HSH Nordbank represents people possessing foresight, passion and initiative. In particular, it is a competent partner for medium-sized entrepreneurs in their northern German home region and in German metropolitan areas, in both business and personal matters. HSH Nordbank has extensive expertise complemented by a long-standing experience of the corporate client business at its disposal. In this important pillar it focuses principally on the Logistics & Infrastructure, Trade & Food and Industry, Services and Healthcare sectors. It is also among the major finance providers of Renewable Energies and Utilities in Europe and occupies a leading position in commercial real estate finance in Germany, which it makes available to domestic and international clients. In the maritime industry HSH Nordbank is well established and convinces businesses the world over with its know-how, level of service and commitment. Tailored financing solutions and customised produ...
HSH Nordbank contact details
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Gerhart-Hauptmann-Platz 50,Hamburg,Germany

HSH Nordbank Management & Employee Directory

Nadine Horn
Nadine Horn
Global Program Coordinator (contract via Intraedge) at Meta (previous Facebook) | Business strategist for small businesses & financial consultant
Derek Walker
Derek Walker
Director at Aviva Investors - Global Investment Solutions
Juergen Jostock
Juergen Jostock
SVP, Head of IT & Services at HCOB Securities S.A.
Jose Cano
Jose Cano
Vice President - Head of Audit at HSH Nordbank
Michael Windoffer
Michael Windoffer
Head of Real Estate Cross Border Business, Director at Hamburg Commercial Bank AG
Erik Schumann
Erik Schumann
Senior Financial System Analyst bei Hamburg Commercial Bank
Judy Ji
Judy Ji
Senior software developer and AVP at HSH Nordbank
Carol Ann Brady
Carol Ann Brady
Human Resources Generalist at HSH Nordbank
Dennis Wiederhold
Dennis Wiederhold
Expert in capital markets governance / Business Analyst
Inka Klinger
Inka Klinger
Infrastructure | digitale Infrastructure | Renewables | Project Finance | ESG | PPA
Thomas Neumann
Thomas Neumann
Stellv Leiter Finanzierungslösungen bei HSH Nordbank

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