Foursquare is a technology platform that powers leading business solutions and consumer products through a deep understanding of location. Location is at the center of everything we do: we understand location, how people move through the world, and how those patterns change over time. We use our knowledge and proprietary technology to help brands, developers, marketers, and analysts understand consumers and engage with them. Our technology has been validated and licensed by some of the biggest, most innovative companies in the world, including Apple, Samsung, Tencent, Microsoft, Snapchat, and more to help them tap into the power of location and invent the future.Foursquare has 400+ employees globally and is headquartered in New York. We also have offices in San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, Singapore and London. Foursquare is proud to be funded by The Raine Group, Simon Ventures, Naver, Union Square Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, DFJ Growth, Morgan Stanley Alternative Inves...
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50 West 23rd Street,New York,NY,US

Foursquare Management & Employee Directory

Kristin Vera
Kristin Vera
Manager, Executive & Office Operations at Foursquare
Vinh Nguyen
Vinh Nguyen
Software Engineer (SRE/DevOps) at Foursquare
Gavin Mohrmann
Gavin Mohrmann
Senior Director, Business Development at Foursquare
Brandon Steel
Brandon Steel
Director of Business Operations at Foursquare
Janna Matthews
Janna Matthews
Director, Technical Project Management at Foursquare
Samantha Lajterman
Samantha Lajterman
Director, Measurement Partnerships at Foursquare
William Byrne
William Byrne
Business Development Director, Advanced TV at Foursquare
Marc Ellenbogen
Marc Ellenbogen
Chief Legal and Human Resources Officer at Foursquare
Sky Lucas
Sky Lucas
Account Manager, Targeting at Foursquare
Paola Salomon
Paola Salomon
Senior Privacy Program Analyst at Foursquare

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