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Lee Igel
Lee Igel
Decision-making & behavioral strategy in sports business | Clinical Associate Professor at NYU
John Rex
John Rex
C-Suite Coach | Former CFO at Microsoft | Executive Coach | Leadership Expert | Turning High Performers Into Elite Executives | Forbes Contributor | Thought Leader to CXOs | Executive Growth Expert |
Dayne Richards
Dayne Richards
Manager, SEO & Content Strategy at Forbes
Erik Matuszewski
Erik Matuszewski
Editorial Director at the National Golf Foundation | Golf Contributor for Forbes & LINKS
Julieanna Gray
Julieanna Gray
Executive Director of Live Strategy at Forbes
Micah Hendler
Micah Hendler
Founder & Artistic Director at The Jerusalem Youth Chorus | Founding Partner at Raise Your Voice Labs | Forbes 30 Under 30 for Music
Jeff Fromm
Jeff Fromm
5X Author. Sustainability + Innovation + Technology = Growth. Write @ Forbes. Pro Speaker.
Johanna Castro
Johanna Castro
Director of Sales & Marketing CALA (Caribbean & Latin America) at LINKS Worldgroup
Jessica Desmond
Jessica Desmond
4-Time Emmy Award Winner - Motion Designer at Forbes
Pablo Turletti
Pablo Turletti
Research panels on management and marketing
Jeff Pedowitz
Jeff Pedowitz
Forbes Featured Author. President and CEO of The Pedowitz Group. Empowering our clients to transform legacy revenue models in a customer-centric, digital world.
Laura Maness
Laura Maness
CEO of Havas (a proud B Corp); Board of Directors x6; Co-Chair 50/50 Women On Boards; Founding Member Kindred, Chief & ForbesWomen Forum; Clubhouse @laura
Ashley Grado
Ashley Grado
Senior Manager, Content Partnerships at Forbes
Anthony Stitt
Anthony Stitt
Full-time Sports Writer | Part-time Boxing Trainer

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