Addepar is a wealth management platform that specializes in data aggregation, analytics and reporting for even the most complex investment portfolios. The company's platform aggregates portfolio, market and client data all in one place. It provides asset owners and advisors a clearer financial picture at every level, allowing them to make more informed and timely investment decisions. Addepar works with hundreds of leading financial advisors, family offices and large financial institutions that manage data for more than $2 trillion of assets on the company's platform. In 2020, Addepar was named as a Forbes Fintech 50 for the 5th consecutive year and in 2018 received Morgan Stanley's Fintech Award for making a significant impact on the firm's mission of continuous innovation. Addepar is headquartered in Silicon Valley and has offices in New York City and Salt Lake City.
Addepar contact details
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Mountain View, California, US

Addepar Management & Employee Directory

Alex Kingsley
Alex Kingsley
Director of Client Operations at Addepar - We're hiring!
Brad Plack
Brad Plack
Senior Account Executive ➥Transforming businesses and accelerating organizational growth while creating efficiencies and driving revenues.
Damon Deru
Damon Deru
Senior Director, Trading Product at Addepar
Jeff Pinksa
Jeff Pinksa
Head of Private Placements, Acervus Securities at Addepar
Joe Brereton
Joe Brereton
Addepar / ProjectJourney - We're Hiring!
Rj Ippoldo
Rj Ippoldo
Senior Account Executive at Addepar - We're Hiring
Robert Sheahan
Robert Sheahan
Head of RIA Client Engagement and Success
Tung Hoang
Tung Hoang
Software Engineer | Options Trader | Angel Investor

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