Stealth Startup

A stealth startup is a startup company that operates in stealth mode, i.e. that avoids public attention. This may be done to hide information from competitors, or — as part of a marketing strategy — to manage public image. The phenomenon is well known in the venture capital (VC) community. Normally a company would only operate in stealth mode for the first couple of years. As investors may have to disclose funding a stealth startup, their names are made public, but often only a general summary description is known about the company. "Most entrepreneurs say they are in stealth because they are worried about competitors stealing their ideas. This can be a risk if you have such a simple idea that just by hearing it, someone can replicate it."
Stealth Startup contact details
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Mountain View,WY,US

Stealth Startup Management & Employee Directory

Jennifer Zablotny
Jennifer Zablotny
Startup Leader - Regional General Manager, North America
Jonathan Sheffi
Jonathan Sheffi
Product & Strategy Leader in Healthcare & Life Sciences IT | 1x exited founder | MIT, HBS, Xoogler
Ammon Haggerty
Ammon Haggerty
VP Design / Co-Founder at Formation (formerly Takt)
Rahul Naidoo
Rahul Naidoo
Co-Founder | Building the Future of Consumer Health | Harvard | Former Health-Tech PM
Olivia Dufour
Olivia Dufour
People Leader | Startup Strategist | Global Nonprofit Advisor
Pj Loury
Pj Loury
Stanford MBA | Software Product Leader
Kashyap Kaul
Kashyap Kaul
Senior Software Engineer at Stealth Startup
Kahlil Morse
Kahlil Morse
Mission focused leader of high performance teams. Passionate builder of businesses. Operator & financier with broad cross-border experience.
Mohith Julapalli
Mohith Julapalli
Product engineering leader, Stanford grad x 2 (MS CS Artificial Intelligence and JD)
David Witten
David Witten
CS @ Stanford | Previously @ Citadel, Facebook, Google
Shachar Astor
Shachar Astor
Building the next generation OS for freight rail @ telegraph

Stealth Startup Competitors


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