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Licensed and trained to provide independent contracting services. Where required professional licenses are valid in Florida, New York and Internationally. Financial , scuba and boating licenses are valid world wide. Have worked many years in various industries from grounds keeping, bee keeping, construction, law enforcement, private investigation, fire protection engineering, computer engineering, financial services, non-profit administration, tax preparation, accounting, janitorial services, boating and working as a dive master for scuba diving excursions. Have many licenses, have worked internationally and am now no longer looking for new positions/clients.
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119 Kings Way, Satellite Beach, Florida 32937, US

Self Employed Management & Employee Directory

James Douglas
James Douglas
Providing CFO and IPO Readiness Services to Growth Companies
Debra Isaacs
Debra Isaacs
Actor, Daughter of The King, Former Administrative Assistant
Joann Girard
Joann Girard
Project/Program Manager at Self Employed
Travis Hurn
Travis Hurn
Oil and Gas Surface Operations Leader/Professional. | Emphasis in cost controls and people enhancement.
murray williams
Murray Williams
Leadership Coach and Consultant at Self Employed
anne roche
Anne Roche
Creative writing, Content creation, Digital Marketing, Consulting/Strategy, Video Content Creation, Social Media Management & Influencer work/Brand Representation. Always looking for a challenge!
Marisa Chaney
Marisa Chaney
Interior Design Consultant at Self Employed
Kenneth Siderius
Kenneth Siderius
Product Developer, Marketing innovator, Lighting Geek. Interested in opportunities working remote from Peachtree City, Georgia
Paige Butler
Paige Butler
Virtual Assistant/Social Media Management at Self Employed
Jasmine Rea Amian
Jasmine Rea Amian
Learning Experience Designer | eLearning Developer | Online Learning | Instructional Design | Learning & Development
Casey Leighton
Casey Leighton
Graphic Design and Social Media Professional
Kelly Kuhn
Kelly Kuhn
LG Consultants, LGC Owner's Representative - Project Management Hi-Rise Condominium, renovation, restoration, beautification
John Buell
John Buell
Network, Technology, and Media Services Consulting

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