Healthcare communication Medico Marketing Clinical Research Knowledge Process Outsourcing (Healthcare) Customised Medical Communication We provide end to end solution in Healthcare communication business and at present operating in India and SE Asia. We also have Business tie up with Canada.
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Hospital & Health Care

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Michele Lion
Michele Lion
Independent Contractor Healthcare at Self
Maninder Khalsa
Maninder Khalsa
Physician Consultant - Population Health, SDoH, VBP, Physician Payment, Chronic Disease Program Development at Self
Kelly Bonnaci
Kelly Bonnaci
AADP Board Certified Drugless Practitioner , Conf. Secretary to the TOB Supervisor
Jon Holdren
Jon Holdren
Epic Access and Revenue Cycle projects as a PM, Associate PD, manager or lead.
Debra Schackner
Debra Schackner
Public Affairs/Media Relations Consultant/Broadcast Producer and Senior Advocate
Jeff Scaggs
Jeff Scaggs
Bachelor of Business Administration - BBA at Boise State University
Marci Rubin
Marci Rubin
Private Yoga and Pilates Teacher on the Upper West Side
Raquel Becerra
Raquel Becerra
Massage Therapist at Whole Self Massage and Espres nails and Spa
Gill Majko
Gill Majko
ABC Board Certified Pedorthist at Hanger, Inc.
Cheryl Bonebrake Howard
Cheryl Bonebrake Howard
Trying out retirement after 40+ years ad a Physical Therapist at Self
Kathy Newton
Kathy Newton
Independent Business Owner at Life Activated Brands
Joshua Dicus
Joshua Dicus
Bachelor of Arts - BA at Baylor University

Self Competitors

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Hospital & Health Care
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hospital & health care

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