Sally Beauty

Sally Beauty Holdings, Inc. (“Sally”) through its affiliates is the world’s largest distributor of professional beauty supplies. Sally provides the channels that allow manufacturers of beauty supplies to reach customers, both professional and non-professional. Sally Beauty Company, Inc. began as a one-store operation in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1964. The Company expanded slowly until the 1980s, when it began to grow rapidly through acquisition and new store openings. In 1982, Sally moved its corporate headquarters to Denton, Texas following the acquisition of a Denton-based chain. In 1985, Sally acquired a major full-service (professional only) beauty supply distributor servicing the Midwestern United States. The growth of the full-service business led to the formation of the company now known as Beauty Systems Group LLC, focusing on distribution solely to the professional trade. New store openings and acquisitions continue to guide Sally’s expansion. In 1987, Sally becam...
Sally Beauty contact details
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3001 Colorado Blvd., Denton, Texas 76210, US

Sally Beauty Management & Employee Directory

Jacqueline Wrightsil
Jacqueline Wrightsil
Director I Merchandise strategy I P&A I Analytics
Laura Farris
Laura Farris
Director Of Talent Acquisition & Special Projects at Sally Beauty
Darryton Johnson
Darryton Johnson
Senior Project Manager at Sally Beauty, Inc.
Erica Allen
Erica Allen
Senior Manager of Talent Acquisition at Sally Beauty
Fidelio Salinas
Fidelio Salinas
Regional Loss Prevention Manager at Sally Beauty Holdings, Inc.
Jerry Biggs
Jerry Biggs
Manager - Investigations & Asset Recovery Sally Beauty
Maria Drogell
Maria Drogell
Sr. Manager of VCE Program Development at Sally Beauty
Andrew Black
Andrew Black
Leading Full Service Recruiting efforts
Cat Taylor
Cat Taylor
Multi-Unit Leader - Making an Impact in Central KY/Southern IN
Mark Hilton
Mark Hilton
April Holt
April Holt
Group Vice President - Beauty System Group at Sally Beauty
Chaiyong T
Chaiyong T
Global Supply Chain Professional; Optimization & Transformation Expert
Kaitlin Wolfe
Kaitlin Wolfe
Vice President of Field Operations, CosmoProf Beauty at Sally Beauty Holdings

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