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Resonance Research supplies advanced products for Magnetic Resonance (MR) research and clinical applications. The product line consists of shielded gradient and shim coils, shim and gradient amplifiers and RF coils and also includes custom designed magnets and pulsed coils for device testing and EPR. High-performance gradient, shim and RF coils Gradient coils for operation at very high peak gradients with minimized eddy currents are integrated with strong shims and shielded Z0 for data acquisition at very high fields in animal and human magnets. Bore sizes range from 60 mm to over 260 mm; efficient multi-path cooling systems ensure high duty cycles. A full line of RF coils including detunable transmit/receive volume and surface coils are also available. Gradient coils for micro-imaging, diffusion and solids imaging With gradient strengths up to 15 T/m and bore sizes from 30 mm to 55 mm, compatible with 89 mm ID magnets. Shim amplifiers for dynamic shimming with eddy current compensation High power shim amplifiers for high-field human and animal MRI and MRS for local and global shimming compatible with most commercial consoles. Special features include real-time applications, Eddy-current control and high-speed interfaces. Magnet performance management and optimization Ramp power supplies for SC magnets, magnetic field mapping, analysis, SC, RT and ferromagnetic shimming for optimized magnet performance.

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The widely used Resonance Research email format is {f}{last} (e.g. [email protected]) with 75.00% adoption across the company.

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To contact Resonance Research customer service number in your country click here to find.

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