RIXO’s story began in the London living room of best friends Henrietta & Orlagh, born from their passion for vintage. The brand’s philosophy is to evoke a wanderlust & free spirit in all their wearers, filling a gap in the contemporary market with easy-to-wear, feminine shapes and high-quality materials. Always inclusive, always empowering, RIXO create a fusion of original hand-painted prints and timeless silhouettes to flatter every woman, irrespective of age, season, shape, nationality or time of day. United as a tribe, #humansofrixo stand together. There's lots of exciting things on the horizon for RIXO, so we are always looking for great people to join our team. If you love our brand and you are as passionate as we are about what you do, get in touch!
RIXO contact details
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Apparel & Fashion
Unit 2, Stephendale Yard, London, England SW6 2, GB

RIXO Management & Employee Directory

John Bailey
John Bailey
CFO experienced in the retail and fashion industry
Blaire Donald
Blaire Donald
Brand Consultant I Strategist I Communications & Marketing Director - Womenswear RTW & Bridal
Josie Smith
Josie Smith
Head of Global Press and Communications
Nestor Rijo
Nestor Rijo
Percusionista - Consultor en IT - Musico Supervisor Independiente, Licencias
Giorgia Vettore
Giorgia Vettore
BSc (Hons) Fashion Management Student
Ian Hinckley
Ian Hinckley
MBA Student, Class of 2010 at Henley Business School
Ottavia Izzo
Ottavia Izzo
Student at London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London
Sophie Winkle
Sophie Winkle
BA Graduate in Religion, Philosophy and Ethics at King's College London

RIXO Competitors

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