Music Generation Ireland

“What we want to do is really simple. We just want to make sure that everyone, whatever their background, gets access to music tuition. That’s the idea.” (Bono) Music Generation is Ireland’s National Music Education Programme, that transforms the lives of children and young people through access to high quality performance music education. Initiated by Music Network, Music Generation is co-funded by U2, The Ireland Funds, The Department of Education and Skills and Local Music Education Partnerships. Annually the programme now reaches some 26,000 children and young people in 12 areas of the country (Carlow, Clare, Cork City, Laois, Louth, Limerick City, Mayo, Offaly/Westmeath, Sligo, South Dublin and Wicklow), creating over 330 employment opportunities, mainly for musicians. Music Generation believes in every child and young person’s musical potential and their innate artistry. We believe that it is every child and young person’s right to have the choice of access and the chance to part...
Music Generation Ireland contact details
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Earlsfort Terrace,Dublin,2,IE

Music Generation Ireland Management & Employee Directory

Balbina Rogala
Balbina Rogala
Music Specialist / Pianist / Accompanist / Training Delivery Partner / Administrative Assistant / Customer Service Consultant
Aidan O'donnell
Aidan O'donnell
Music Development Officer at Music Generation Ireland
Damian Evans
Damian Evans
Music Development Officer at Music Generation Mayo
Garry Mccarthy
Garry Mccarthy
Music Producer, Songwriter, Educator & Youth Workshop Facilitator
Jessica Cawley
Jessica Cawley
Music Education Specialist: Teaching, Community Organizing, Curriculum Development, and Research
Julie Tiernan
Julie Tiernan
MA Music Therapy student at University of Limerick
Luisa Annibali
Luisa Annibali
Singer, Composer, Musician, Vocal Coach, Music Tutor
Margaret O'sullivan
Margaret O'sullivan
PhD Student, Faculty of Education at The University of British Columbia
Ray Mason
Ray Mason
Piano Tutor with Music Generation and Rock School; Embedded Software C++, C#.NET, SQL Server

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