EMC is a Riyadh based general contractor, a group of highly skilled engineers, technicians, tradesmen and labors offering full general construction services which ranges from small to multi-levels building complex. EMC is a subsidiary of Elm Al Memar Architectural & Engineering Office which offers full range of architectural design services from initial space planning, landscape architecture, design conceptualization through construction documents. The firm also offers construction management, site supervision, value engineering studies, feasibility of real estate development and technical & financial evaluation of properties. EMC continues today as a highly-respected construction firm. We continue to take pride in providing value to our customers as well as a high quality product. We are dedicated to completing projects on time, and more importantly, on budget. We accomplish this through proper coordination and through the assistance of our architectural firm. We also of...
EMC contact details
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Malaga District,RIyadh,Riyadh,SA

EMC Management & Employee Directory

Amr Heikal
Amr Heikal
HR Director Middle East, Turkey & Africa (META) at Dell Technologies
Anand Shivappa
Anand Shivappa
Data Center Data Analyst, Blueptinting Data center
Emanuele Bonanni
Emanuele Bonanni
Trader & Investor - TEDx Speaker - Founder MyTradingWay CEO @Contango SL - Advisor @Elettronica Open Source
Frank Bonhagen
Frank Bonhagen
Account Executive bei Dell Technologies
Michael Dell
Michael Dell
CEO and Chairman at Dell Technologies
Paula M
Paula M
Key Account Manager | Outsourcing HR (Compañías Mineras) en Alfredo Cruz y Cia
Russ Cooper
Russ Cooper
Engaging Talent for the Worlds Largest Privately-Owned Technology Powerhouse
Shalom-Shlomi-Zigdon HiSpeedBoarDesignLecturer
Shalom-Shlomi-Zigdon HiSpeedBoarDesignLecturer
23May2021 64hrs. Course Hebrew HiSpeed Board Design for Signal Integrity. free short Seminar 25April21.

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