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Marketing & Advertising
Silicon Valley,California,US

Confidential Management & Employee Directory

Drew Lott
Drew Lott
Hospice Outreach Marketing Coordination & Community Educator
Mahesh Vadlamudi
Mahesh Vadlamudi
Software Engineering Manager | Data Mining | Data Visualization | Machine Learning | Deep Learning | Data Analytics |
Marc Burridge
Marc Burridge
Asset Servicing Manager at Anchor Loans LP
Ivan Erceg
Ivan Erceg
Senior Consultant at Confidential
Lynn Petersen
Lynn Petersen
Seasoned IT Leader, specializing in Program/Project Management for Retail, Managed Healthcare, eCommerce industries.
Brian Ivey
Brian Ivey
SAP Senior ABAP Developer, ABAP on HANA, OData, CDS Views
Ruthanne Roussel
Ruthanne Roussel
Business Analyst with emotional intelligence. Analytics with context.
Leticia Garcia
Leticia Garcia
Virtual Adventurer | Software Engineer with drive, optimism, and adaptability who loves to collaborate
Uzair Hashmi
Uzair Hashmi
AWS & Azure | SRE | Hybrid APM Architect/Evangelist (Dynatrace, New Relic, App Dynamics, MSFT Azure Monitor, Instana, Catchpoint) | Mentor | Learner
Sales / Branding / Business Development / Project Management
Vinodh Vino
Vinodh Vino
#Hiring #Business analyst capital markets #Business analyst Charles River #Java solution Architect

Confidential Competitors

McCann Health Brasil
marketing & advertising
Duo Display
Marketing & Advertising
Dialing For Dollars
Marketing & Advertising
Fotorama Games & Toys
Marketing & Advertising
Good Leads
marketing & advertising

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