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Coca-Cola European Partners에 입사하는 방법을 찾아보세요. LinkedIn에 무료로 가입하세요. Coca-Cola European Partners 직원인 인맥을 활용하여 취업 가능성을 높이세요.
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Coca-Cola European Partners Management & Employee Directory

Hein Knaapen
Hein Knaapen
Managing Partner, Europe at
Lord Mark Price
Lord Mark Price
Founder, author, President CMI, Chair Fairtrade, Director CCEP, House of Lords. Perry maker.
Enver Sedat Bahadir Uzmtechdr
Enver Sedat Bahadir Uzmtechdr
Regional Sales directory Bahadir Teknology Ceo & Bahadir Teknology Office Director
Emilie Combier-paci
Emilie Combier-paci
Head of Talent Acquisition - Recrutement, Marque Employeur et Relations Ecoles chez Coca-Cola Europacific Partners
Lisa Chan
Lisa Chan
Marketing Manager at Coca-Cola FEMSA
Miguel Almodovar Gallardo
Miguel Almodovar Gallardo
Manufacturing Operations Senior Manager at Coca-Cola European Partners Iberia
Muryudanti Prabantami
Muryudanti Prabantami
Talent Acquisition Manager at Coca-Cola Europacific Partners
Katarzyna Chrol
Katarzyna Chrol
Talent Management, Inclusion, & Diversity
Patricia Loureiro
Patricia Loureiro
Learning & Development , unleashing potential, spreading the Magic!!!!
Victor Rufart
Victor Rufart

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