\bri-ˈgād\ “a group of people organized for special activity” We work with our customers who are involved in complex technology projects to provide a suite of Software and IT engineering services which range from independent software development to complete system deployments. We work as a team to deliver results for our customers. This team could be a joint team or an independent Brigade team, depending upon the journey. We take pride in our 1. Attention for detail 2. Team work 3. Singular focus in our customer's success
Brigade contact details
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Information Technology & Services
3rd Floor,Pleasanton,CA,US

Brigade Management & Employee Directory

Andrew Wright
Andrew Wright
Modern Digital Workplace | SharePoint Online | Intranets | Improving the employee Office 365 experience
Aron Hall
Aron Hall
Husband, Father, Coach, Teacher, Trainer
Jonathan Chan
Jonathan Chan
Community Manager de dentsu france & iProspect, membre de la Brigade du Web
Gupta Boda
Gupta Boda
Group CISO with Indian Infrastructure Major
Martyn Girvan
Martyn Girvan
Founder and Owner Elite Sports Performance, High Performance / Strength and Conditioning Coach, MFB Firefighter
Nazir Afzal
Nazir Afzal
Chancellor of the University of Manchester, International Adviser on Rule of Law & Former Chief Prosecutor
Helmut Maertin
Helmut Maertin
Value Added Fund Raising Products at QPI Ltd Sourcing

Brigade Competitors

information technology & services
DrayTek UK & Ireland
information technology & services
Annanta Source
information technology & services
FUJIFILM CodeBlue Australia
Information Technology & Services
Itemis AG
Information Technology & Services
Syntelli Solutions Inc.
information technology & services
Information Technology & Services

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