We always start with our customers. As one of the largest global insurers, our purpose is to act for human progress by protecting what matters. Protection has always been at the core of our business, helping individuals, businesses and societies to thrive. And AXA has always been a leader, an innovator, an entrepreneurial company, fostering progress in all its dimensions. Our purpose also links back to the Group's roots. From the outset, AXA has been committed to acting as a force for collective good. From solidarity-based actions with AXA Hearts In Action to work on prevention issues with the AXA Research Fund and the fight against climate change, AXA has always been attentive to its social environment and embraced its responsibility as an insurer: responsibility for taking action upstream in order to better understand risks, with one goal in mind: to ensure better protection. Discover more:
AXA contact details
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AXA Management & Employee Directory

Brian Gauder
Brian Gauder
Regional Underwriting Manager - General Property at AXA US
Derek Hummel
Derek Hummel
Regional Vice President - Retirement Savings / 401(k)
Belen Quereda Olivera
Belen Quereda Olivera
Dual MS in Industrial Engineering (UPM) | MS in Industrial Technology and Operations (IIT)
Johnbelle Baban
Johnbelle Baban
We are actively seeking candidates who are willing to relocate to China for at least a year for a teaching job position.
Cindy Price
Cindy Price
Christine Snyder
Christine Snyder
Vice President Underwriter – Excess Casualty
Ann Marie Snyder
Ann Marie Snyder
Underwriting Manager- Excess Construction at AXA XL, a division of AXA
Srinivasa Reddy
Srinivasa Reddy
Sr.Data Scientist | Machine Learning | Cloud | MLOps Operations at AXA
Doug Tibbs
Doug Tibbs
Vice President, Eastern Region Manager - Aerospace at AXA XL
Rebecca Ades
Rebecca Ades
ESL/Sales and Business Training/Event Planning
Sarma Rallapalli
Sarma Rallapalli
Chief Technology Officer at AXA Seguros México
Chris Mcloughlin
Chris Mcloughlin
US Digital Booster Department Head at AXA Technology Services

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