AIESEC develops leadership among youth aged 18 to 30 and contributes to strengthening the global employability market by providing an end-to-end international talent recruitment solution for Enterprises, NGOs, and Start-ups. AIESEC is the world's largest youth-run organization developing the leadership potential of young people. Present in 120+ countries and territories across 2600 universities, we provide students and recent graduates with life-changing experiences to intern or volunteer abroad within partner organizations. We partner with organizations ranging from Fortune 500 to local enterprises in developing and sourcing their global talent needs across our network. Through our programs in universities, we provide organizations with access to a global network of young talent who have the capabilities to make a positive impact. For the last seven decades, we have developed over one million leaders ranging from business, civil society, and world leaders, including one Nobel Peac...
AIESEC contact details
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Non-profit Organization Management
5605 Avenue de Gaspé,Montreal,Quebec,CA

AIESEC Management & Employee Directory

Zachary Waldvogel
Zachary Waldvogel
Mizzou Vice president of Finance and Logistics at AIESEC
David Ferkiss
David Ferkiss
Outgoing Exchange Vice President at AIESEC
Samantha Dowdy
Samantha Dowdy
Aspiring CPA pursuing a BBA in Accounting, Business Analytics, and Business Pre-Law
Rebecca Martin
Rebecca Martin
Entrepreneur I Project Manager I Editor I Event Manager I Workshop Developer and Facilitator
Neli Nedyalkova
Neli Nedyalkova
Sales and Administrative Assistant at FRECON A/S | Mechanical engineering
Zs%C3%B3fia Szab%C3%B3
Zs%C3%B3fia Szab%C3%B3
Global Partnership Manager at AIESEC International
Ilie Bucos
Ilie Bucos
Team Leader Outgoing Exchange at AIESEC Roma Sapienza

AIESEC Competitors

BRAVE Church
Non-profit Organization Management
King's Global Health Partnerships
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Broadacres Housing Association
Non-profit Organization Management
Caritas of Austin
non-profit organization management
Rykneld Homes Ltd
Non-profit Organization Management
Association For A More Just Society (ASJ)
Non-profit Organization Management

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