2U, Inc. is a diverse collection of more than 3,500 individuals across ten offices worldwide who share a common belief that great universities can redefine higher education to address the critical needs of society. Our mission is to eliminate the back row in higher education. For more than a decade, we’ve been a global leader in education technology and a trusted partner and brand steward of great universities. We build, deliver, and support more than 400+ digital and in-person educational offerings, including undergraduate and graduate degrees, professional certificates, Trilogy-powered boot camps, and GetSmarter short courses. Together with our partners, we have transformed the lives of more than 200,000+ students and lifelong learners.At 2U, being bold and fearless is part of the job and we’re looking for innovators, dreamers, builders, and doers to improve lives through edtech with a human touch. Join us.
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education management
7900 Harkins Rd,Lanham,Maryland,US

2U Management & Employee Directory

James Reilly
James Reilly
Vice President & General Manager at 2U
Gary Almes
Gary Almes
Versatile, proven web developer, manager, and instructor with 30+ years experience.
Brian Charles
Brian Charles
President, SL Technologies: IOT & AI Solutions; EdTech
Brooke Sonke
Brooke Sonke
Solves for "Why" | UX/UI Curriculum Engineer at 2U
Brian Ely
Brian Ely
Vice President, Student Engagement at 2U
Mark Halpern
Mark Halpern
Brand Marketing Director | B2C Growth Marketing | Building Product Stories That Boost Customer Acquisition at Scale
Mary Catherine Bones
Mary Catherine Bones
Senior Digital Marketing Manager | B2B Customer Experience | Brand Specialist
Jacqueline Kahn
Jacqueline Kahn
Brand Strategist @ 2U | Digital Marketing & Strategy | MIB
Gabriel Bustamante
Gabriel Bustamante
Executive Vice President of Global Sales and Admissions at 2U inc.
Joe Marino
Joe Marino
Marketing and Communications Leader | Supporting Fortune 250 for 15 Years
Meg Thurgood
Meg Thurgood
Strategic Marketing Leader | Skilled at Driving Revenue in High-Growth Environments
Jon Callahan
Jon Callahan
Product Management | Marketing Innovation | Team Leadership | Data Science | Growth Hacking

2U Competitors

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Indiannica Learning
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Stichting VU
Education Management

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